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Basic Info & Terms

Before selecting a Towing System you must first know the following:

  • Your Vehicle information (Year, Make Model, Vehicle maximum towing capacity)
  • Your Trailer information (Trailer Type, Coupler Size, Tongue Weight, Gross Trailer Weight)
Note: This is the minimal amount of information required; a Dealer may want some additional information.

If you are purchasing a hitch or trailer for the first time, we recommend that you narrow down your search by finding which hitch option is best suited for your type of vehicle. We feel the website provides the simplest way to figure out your needs. Please click here to find the appropriate hitch option for your vehicle.

 Once the appropriate hitch option has been determined by the fit guide for your vehicle, please feel free to either call or email the description and your vehicle type to The Annapolis Hitch Depot so that we can provide you with a free estimate.

Email inquires can be sent to
- All inquiries will receive responses within a 24 hour period.
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